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Our Acrylic Pouring for Beginners Course!

  • Easy to follow videos for kids and adults
  • 5 easy and relaxing acrylic pouring techniques
  • Expert tips to save you money on supplies  
  • Learn to create beautiful colours and cell combinations
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Introducing your art teacher... Bec Davies!

Bec is an art teacher from Perth, Western Australia. Bec loves working with people from all different backgrounds and of all different ages. Sharing the joys of fluid art with them is her goal. 

A successful artist, she has sold her artwork in person at markets and online for years. She is community minded and has donated her works to many fundraising events.

Bec started doing fluid art daily when she became a qualified social worker and started working in crisis homelessness services.

She found each day stressful at work, with art becoming her relaxing escape at home.

Through sharing her techniques online she hopes to help other people find a similar sense of peace that she has.


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Acrylic pouring is popular for a number of reasons, its easy, effective, fun and much more. 

Anyone can acrylic pour but you need to know the supplies, set up and techniques to start.  

This article provides you with all that information and more to begin your paint pouring journey.


the joy of fluid art

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