Our Why

Canvas in Common is a non-judgemental space to share the joy that art brings. There can be so much negativity in the world, creating can bring us a moments calm amongst the chaos!

Ultimately, at Canvas In Common we want to create a collective of like-minded people. Sharing our art skills, learning and creations.

Our What

We use this space to share positivity through the magic that art can bring to anyone’s life. We can share our art skills with our friends and family.

Life is too fast and busy, sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy creating. Everyone can experience mental and physical health struggles at some points in their life, so we are helping to spread the awareness that that, is ok. You are not alone, you aren’t weird, you’re definitely not defined by it, it just makes you stronger in life!

People say that not everyone can make art, but we believe that everyone can be the master of something creative.

Therefore, we have created courses and articles which don’t just teach, they inspire!

We encourage you to create freely, get outside your comfort zone and don’t think things need to be perfect! It’s not necessary. The beauty is in the spontaneity.

And most importantly we want to hear from you, our community is open to all. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch at canvasincommon@gmail.com

Our Who:

Bec Davies – The Art Girl

Bec is an experienced art teacher who loves working with people of all ages, backgrounds and sharing the magic of fluid art with them.

She created too much art and realised she either needed to give it away, sell it or start teaching others. So, she started selling her artwork in person at markets and then online. Now, she is teaching others to create art – and sell their art too!

How did fluid art help save Bec’s mental health?

Bec started doing fluid art daily when she started working in emergency services. She was really stressed, but acrylic pouring helped her to calm down after work. Art becoming her relaxing escape at home.

Through sharing her techniques online she hopes to help other people find a similar sense of peace that she has.

Bec has put everything she has learned into this beginners acrylic pouring course to ensure that new starters get the absolute best and become confident acrylic pouring artists in no time.

Chris Dinham – The Digital Guy (Bec’s partner)

Chris by day is busy running multiple digital marketing brands online, and by the afternoon he is surfing the waves at the beach!

A world traveller, previous ski pro who went too hard on the slopes he wore his shoulder down into a big surgery. During recovery Chris expanded his knowledge of the digital world and after helping teach Bec, together they now teach aspiring artists to sell their art online.

He knows the tech world backwards but he is yet to discover the magic of creating art… we will work on that.

Nuria Palat – The Photography Girl

Nuria, Bec and Chris met through living in share house together by the beach. Nuria has travelled the world and currently is travelling Australia.

Nuria lives life spontaneously and for the moment. She says yes to everything and makes magic happen. While having fun on photography projects, Bec and Nuria started doing a lot of art together.

Then the idea to film an epic painting course was born and Nuria brought it to life with her incredible eye and attention to detail. Not to mention her meticulous designing ability, branding, videography and editing skills.

Together, we make up Canvas In Common! And now, the next part of the adventure is YOU.

What next for you?

  1. Start our free email and video course
  2. Take our acrylic pouring for beginners course
  3. Peruse our students artworks on our community page
  4. Perhaps you want to join our Facebook Group: Acrylic Pouring for Beginners
  5. Or maybe you want to check out our Instagram

Whatever you do, thanks for stopping by and we hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers, Bec, Chris and Nuria x