Fluid Art For Beginners. Acrylic Pouring Secrets With Bec Davies.

Learn to be a successful paint pouring artist… No experience necessary!

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Have You Always Wanted To Get Into Art?

But You Have No Idea Where To Start?

Have you always wanted to try it, but still haven't got started? 

Are you holding yourself back from diving into art and creativity?

Don't worry - that's normal! For a beginner, learning art can be daunting.

Professional artists seem to know secrets but never reveal them.

Fear of sucking at art is every artists biggest enemy. It stops you from reaching your true creative potential.

Every artist starts here at the beginning. 

Your potential is ALWAYS there, just waiting to be unlocked!

This is YOUR moment. 

Bring out the inner artist in you and find out just how easy it is to create insta-worthy fluid art paintings with this online course!

Introducing... Fluid Art For Beginners With Bec Davies

So, who is this course for?

Our easy to follow beginners art course will teach anyone to master fluid art techniques. It doesn't matter if you have never done art before. This course is for people of any age and background. Our experienced teacher, Bec Davies, provides the tips and secrets professional artists use to create art worthy of going on the wall! Step by step, Bec will give you the tools and confidence to create stunning artworks you have only dreamed of.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You get instant access to step by step, easy to follow videos, supplies list, colour palette's, student network, paint mixing videos and so much more. You also get immediate access to your five easy to master fluid art technique's.

We don't believe in time limits, when you buy this course it is yours for life.

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Perfect For Beginners and Any Ages!

Easy to follow, to-the-point videos for kids and adults! This is a course for everyone. No experience needed at all. 

Easy Techniques to Build Confidence

Five easy and relaxing acrylic art pouring techniques that anyone can master. Techniques taught in this course are the most popular styles. 

Save Money On Supplies

If you don't know what supplies to buy - we will send them to you! Or use our shopping list so you don't waste your time and money guessing what to buy! 

Colour Choice Secrets

Don't know what colours to use? Our pre-built colour palettes takes the stress out of choosing great colours. 

About The Course Teacher, Bec Davies

Bec is an experienced fluid art teacher who loves working with people of all ages and sharing the joy of paint pouring. A professional artist, she has sold her fluid artworks at markets and online for years.

Bec started doing fluid art daily when she became qualified in social work and started working in emergency services. She found each day stressful at work, with art becoming her relaxing escape at home.

Through sharing her techniques online she hopes to help other people find a similar sense of peace that she has.

She is passionate about helping people reach their potential and be apart of a supportive community, which is what Canvas In Common is all about. 

Happy fluid art beginners...

And our students inspiring artworks...

What's in the course

8 easy to follow modules, 7 videos, loads of pro tips!


Module 1 - How to Start

Introducing your teacher and the five fluid art techniques.

Everything you need to know to start including your shopping list and pro tips. Don't miss it!


Module 2 - Colour and Composition

Learn about the importance of colour and composition. The biggest mistake many people are making is not knowing this skill. Secret winning colour combinations shared in this module. 


Module 3 - How to Mix Your Paints

If you don't understand how to mix properly you could be disappointed in your results. We provide a recipe that is guaranteed to work to take away the difficulty. 


Module 4: Getting the Right Consistency

A crucial part of acrylic pouring is understanding consistency in your paint mix. We teach the right consistency to ensure our beginners have success in fluid art. Not only this, but how to save your mix if its lumpy or too runny etc!


Module 5: Beginner Techniques 1-5

Flip Cup, Ring Pour, Blow, Wave and Dip techniques. These five amazing techniques are easy to learn and give endless hours of fun and relaxation. They are the techniques which are most popular due to their excellent results. 


Additional Bonuses

Bonus 1

Value $200

Our Favourite Products

Let us send you all the supplies you need to start. Plus teach you what to buy and where from for the future. So you will never waste your time and money. We tell you all the bargain spots (online and offline) to get your supplies.

Bonus 2

Value $100

The Best Results

Inspiration for your paintings can be hard at the start... That's why we give you winning colour palettes to kick start your creative thinking. And we only teach the techniques with the best looking results! 

Bonus 3

Value $200

Online Support

Get access to the members-only Facebook group. Ask questions, share your work and get support directly from the course creator and the community! 

Here’s what people are saying...

Customers of all ages are loving Fluid Art For Beginners. 

Ottie Manners


"I couldn't believe the art I made from this course"

I have it hanging up in my house! I am also giving one to my friend for her birthday. I did the entire course with a friend at home. 

Amanda Steele


"So easy to follow, loved the colour recommendations!"

Perfect! I have just started the course, it is so easy to follow and listen to. Bec does an awesome job!!!

Nicky Dinham


"Never thought I could be an artist. Woah!

Woah I never thought it would be this easy to make art! Bec makes it simple. So proud of my artwork.

It's Time To Begin Your Paint Pouring Adventure!

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